If you can't download Tor Browser through our website, you can get a copy of Tor Browser delivered to you via GetTor. GetTor is a service that automatically responds to messages with links to the latest version of Tor Browser, hosted at a variety of locations that are less likely to be censored, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and GitHub. You can also download Tor Browser from or from For more geographically specific links visit Tor: Mirrors

Send an email to Write your operating system (such as Windows, macOS, or Linux) in the body of the message and send. GetTor will respond with an email containing links from which you can download Tor Browser, the cryptographic signature (needed for verifying the download), the fingerprint of the key used to make the signature, and the package’s checksum. You may be offered a choice of "32-bit" or "64-bit" software: this depends on the model of the computer you are using; consult documentation about your computer to find out more.

GetTor via Twitter is currently under maintenance. Please use the email instead.

To get links for downloading Tor Browser, send a message to with one of the following codes in it:

  • Linux
  • macOS (OS X)
  • Windows