Bagaimana mengetahui jika saya menggunakan layanan onion v2 atau v3?

Anda dapat mengidentifikasi alamat onion v3 dengan panjang 56 karakternya, misalnya, Alamat v2 Tor Project:http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/, dan alamat v3 Tor Project: http://2gzyxa5ihm7nsggfxnu52rck2vv4rvmdlkiu3zzui5du4xyclen53wid.onion/

Jika Anda seorang administrator layanan onion, Anda harus meningkatkan ke layanan onion v3 sesegera mungkin. Jika Anda pengguna, pastikan Anda memperbarui markah ke alamat onion v3 situs web.

What is the timeline for the v2 deprecation?

Pada September 2020, Tor mulai memperingatkan operator dan klien layanan onion bahwa v2 akan ditinggalkan dan selesai di versi 0.4.6. Tor Browser mulai memperingatkan pengguna pada Juni 2021.

Pada Juli 2021, 0.4.6 Tor tidak lagi mendukung v2 dan dukungan akan dihapus dari basis kode.

In October 2021, we will release new Tor client stable versions for all supported series that will disable v2.

Anda dapat membaca lebih lanjut di posting blog Tor Project Linimasa penghentian Layanan Onion versi 2.

Dapatkah saya tetap menggunakan alamat onion v2 saya? Bagaimana mengakses onion v2 saya setelah September? Apakah ini perubahan yang tidak kompatibel ke belakang?

Alamat onion V2 pada dasarnya tidak aman. Jika Anda memiliki onion v2, kami sarankan Anda bermigrasi sekarang. Ini adalah perubahan yang tidak kompatibel ke belakang: layanan bawang v2 tidak akan dapat dijangkau setelah September 2021.

What is the recommendation for developers to migrate? Any tips on how to spread the new v3 addresses to people?

In torrc, to create a version 3 address, you simply need to create a new service just as you did your v2 service, with these two lines:

HiddenServiceDir /full/path/to/your/new/v3/directory/
HiddenServicePort <virtual port> <target-address>:<target-port>

The default version is now set to 3 so you don't need to explicitly set it. Restart tor, and look on your directory for the new address. If you wish to keep running your version 2 service until it is deprecated to provide a transition path to your users, add this line to the configuration block of your version 2 service:

HiddenServiceVersion 2

This will allow you to identify in your configuration file which one is which version.

If you have Onion-Location configured on your website, you need to set the header with your new v3 address. For technical documentation about running onion services, please read the Onion Services page in our Community portal.

I didn't see the announcement, can I get more time to migrate?

No, v2 onion connections will start failing nowish, first slowly, then suddenly. It's time to move away.

Apakah layanan mulai gagal dijangkau pada bulan September, atau sebelumnya?

Already, introduction points are not in Tor 0.4.6 anymore, so they will not be reachable if relay operators update.

Sebagai admin situs web, dapatkah saya mengalihkan pengguna dari v2 onion ke v3?

Yes, it will work until the v2 onion address is unreachable. You may want to encourage users to update their bookmarks.

Apakah server onion v3 akan membantu memitigasi masalah DDos?

Yes, we are continuously working on improving onion services security. Some of the work we have in our roadmap is ESTABLISH_INTRO Cell DoS Defense Extension, Res tokens: Anonymous Credentials for Onion Service DoS Resilience, and A First Take at PoW Over Introduction Circuits. For an overview about these proposals, read the detailed blog post How to stop the onion denial (of service).