Tor Project 未托管与控制这些服务,也没有能力找到 .onion 地址的拥有者或所在位置。 .onion 地址是来自洋葱服务的地址。 以 .onion 结尾的名称是洋葱服务的描述符。 这是自动生成的名称,可以位于互联网上的任何 Tor 中继或客户端上。 Onion services are designed to protect both the user and service provider from discovering who they are and where they are from. 根据洋葱服务的设计,.onion 站点的拥有者和位置是隐藏的,即使我们也无法得知。

但请记得,这并不是说洋葱服务无懈可击。 Traditional police techniques can still be very effective against them, such as interviewing suspects, writing style analysis, technical analysis of the content itself, sting operations, keyboard taps, and other physical investigations.

If you have a complaint about child abuse materials, you may wish to report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which serves as a national coordination point for investigation of child pornography: 我们不会查看你提交的链接。