Tor 浏览器6.0.6及之后版本使用 DuckDuckGo 作为内置搜索引擎。 我们之前在 Tor 浏览器上使用的 Disconnect 现在暂时没有获取谷歌搜索结果的权限。 因为 Disconnect 更像是一个允许用户在不同搜索引擎间来回切换的元搜索引擎,它转而提供了 Bing 的搜索结果,但 Bing 的搜索结果质量往往并不理想。 DuckDuckGo does not log, collect or share the user's personal information or their search history, and therefore is best positioned to protect your privacy. Most other search engines store your searches along with other information such as the timestamp, your IP address, and your account information if you are logged in.