Snowflake 是一个 Tor 浏览器支持的用于对抗互联网审查的可插拔传输方式。 和 Tor 网桥一样,用户可以通过其在普通 Tor 连接被审查的情况下访问开放互联网。 To use Snowflake is as easy as to switch to a new bridge configuration in Tor Browser.

This system is composed of three components: volunteers running Snowflake proxies, Tor users that want to connect to the internet, and a broker, that delivers snowflake proxies to users.

Volunteers willing to help users on censored networks can help by spinning short-lived proxies on their regular browsers. Check, how can I use Snowflake?

Snowflake uses the highly effective domain fronting technique to make a connection to one of the thousands of snowflake proxies run by volunteers. These proxies are lightweight, ephemeral, and easy to run, allowing us to scale Snowflake more easily than previous techniques.

For censored users, if your Snowflake proxy gets blocked, the broker will find a new proxy for you, automatically.

If you're interested in the technical details and specification, see the Snowflake Technical Overview and the project page. For other discussions about Snowflake, please visit the Tor Forum and follow up the Snowflake tag.