The #tor-project channel is where Tor people discuss and coordinate daily Tor work. It has fewer members than #tor and is more focused on the work at hand. You are also welcome to join this channel. To access #tor-project, your nickname (nick) must be registered and verified.

Here's how to reach #tor-project and other registered channels.


  1. Log onto #tor. See How can I chat with Tor Project teams?

  2. Then, click on the word "Status" at the top left of the screen.

  3. In the window at the bottom of the page, type: /msg nickserv REGISTER yournewpassword youremailaddress

  4. 点击确定。

If all goes well, you will receive a message that you are registered.

The system may register you as your nick_ instead of your nick.

If so, just go with it but remember you are user_ and not user.

Every time you log on to IRC, to identify your registered nick, type:

/nick yournick

/msg nickserv IDENTIFY YourPassWord


Then, to complete the registration and ultimately gain access to the #tor-project channel, your nickname must be verified.

  1. To verify your nick, open a new browser window and go to

  2. 使用您的IRC昵称和密码来登入。

  3. Look for the word verify and log in there. It may appear that nothing has happened. Look at the top of the page, and there will be a column called Account.

  4. 点击账户

  5. Click on the small sentence at the bottom of the square that says: Verify account.

  6. 填入弹出的CAPTCHA验证,然后点击确定。

  7. A tiny message will appear: "Your NickServ account has been verified."

  8. Go back to the IRC webpage where you are logged in and type:

    /msg nickserv checkverify

  9. 点击确定。

  10. 如果一切顺利,您将会收到一条消息,写着:


Usermodechange: +R

!NickServ- Successfully set +R on your nick.


现在,加入 #tor-project,您可以直接键入:

/join #tor-project 并点击确定。


然而,如果您在某一步中遇到了问题,您可以在#tor channel中寻求帮助。

You can toggle back and forth between channels by clicking on the different channel names at the top left of the IRC window.