WARNING: Do NOT follow random advice instructing you to edit your torrc! 这样做会使攻击者通过对 torrc 的恶意配置来破坏您的安全性和匿名性。

Tor uses a text file called torrc that contains configuration instructions for how Tor should behave. The default configuration should work fine for most Tor users (hence the warning above.)

To find your Tor Browser torrc, follow the instructions for your operating system below.

运行于 Windows 或 Linux:

  • The torrc is in the Tor Browser Data directory at Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor inside your Tor Browser directory.


  • The torrc is in the Tor Browser Data directory at ~/Library/Application Support/TorBrowser-Data/Tor.
  • 注意库文件夹在新版的macOS中是被隐藏的。在访达中访问这个文件夹,需要选择”前往“菜单中的”前往文件夹...“。
  • Then type "~/Library/Application Support/" in the window and click Go.

在修改您的torrc之前关闭Tor 浏览器,否则Tor 浏览器可能会擦除您的修改。 Some options will have no effect as Tor Browser overrides them with command line options when it starts Tor.

Have a look at the sample torrc file for hints on common configurations. For other configuration options you can use, see the Tor manual page. 记住,在torrc中所有以“#”开头的行都会被视为注释并且不会影响Tor的配置。