Tor has implemented exit policies. Setiap Tor relay memiliki kebijakan keluar yang menentukan koneksi keluar macam apa yang diperbolehkan atau ditolah dari relay tersebut. Dengan cara ini setiap relay bisa memutuskan layanan, host, dan jaringan yang ingin diperbolehkan koneksinya, didasari pada potensial penyalahgunaan dan situasinya tersendiri. We also have a dedicated team, Network Health, to investigate bad relay behavior and kick them out of the network.

It is important to note that while we can combat some type of abuse like bad relays in our network, we can't see or manage what users do on the network and that is by design. This design overwhelmingly allows for beneficial uses by providing human rights activists, journalists, domestic violence survivors, whistleblowers, law enforcement officers, and many others with as much privacy and anonymity as possible. Learn more about our users and Tor's beneficial use cases here.