Tor 开发者没有追踪 Tor 用户的手段。 防止坏人破坏 Tor 匿名性的保护措施,同时也阻碍了我们弄明白发生了什么。

一些支持者建议我们重新设计 Tor,以便在里面加入后门程序 。 这个想法有两个严重的问题。 首先,从技术上来讲,这会大大弱化系统。 Having a central way to link users to their activities is a gaping hole for all sorts of attackers; and the policy mechanisms needed to ensure correct handling of this responsibility are enormous and unsolved. Second, the bad people aren't going to get caught by this anyway, since they will use other means to ensure their anonymity (identity theft, compromising computers and using them as bounce points, etc).

This ultimately means that it is the responsibility of site owners to protect themselves against compromise and security issues that can come from anywhere. This is just part of signing up for the benefits of the Internet. 不管危险可能来自何方,你必须要随时保护好自身的安全。 跟踪和强化监视并非防止滥用的解决方案。

但是要知道,这并不意味着 Tor 是绝对安全的。 Traditional police techniques can still be very effective against Tor, such as investigating means, motive, and opportunity, interviewing suspects, writing style analysis, technical analysis of the content itself, sting operations, keyboard taps, and other physical investigations. The Tor Project is also happy to work with everyone including law enforcement groups to train them how to use the Tor software to safely conduct investigations or anonymized activities online.