Tor 依靠全球用户和志愿者的支持,来协助我们改进相关软件和资源,因此你的反馈对我们(以及所有 Tor 用户)而言极具价值。



  • Operating System you are using
  • Tor 浏览器版本
  • Tor Browser Security Level
  • 请详细叙述您遇到问题的过程和步骤,以便于我们重新还原您遇到的问题。(比如,“我打开了浏览器,输入了一个网页地址,点击了图标,然后我的浏览器就崩溃了。”)
  • 一张有关该问题的截屏。
  • 日志文件



Tor Forum

We recommend asking for help on the Tor Forum. You will need to create an account to submit a new topic. Before you ask, please review our discussion guidelines. At the moment, for the fastest response, please write in English. If you found a bug, please use GitLab.


First, check if the bug is already known. You can search and read all the issues at To create a new issue, please request a new account to access Tor Project's GitLab instance and find the right repository to report your issue. We track all Tor Browser related issues at Tor Browser issue tracker. Issues related to our websites should be filed under the Web issue tracker.


If you need help installing or troubleshooting Tor Browser and the Tor Forum is blocked or censored where you are, you can reach out to us on Telegram A Tor support specialist will assist you. At the moment, the Telegram support channel is available in two languages: English and Russian.


Send us an email to

In the subject line of your email, please tell us what you're reporting. The more specific your subject line is (e.g. "Connection failure", "feedback on website", "feedback on Tor Browser, "I need a bridge"), the easier it will be for us to understand and follow up. Sometimes when we receive emails without subject lines, they're marked as spam and we don't see them.

For the fastest response, please write in English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese if you can. If none of these languages works for you, please write in any language you feel comfortable with, but keep in mind it will take us a bit longer to answer as we will need help with translation to understand it.


You can always leave comments on the blog post related to the issue or feedback you want to report. If there is not a blog post related to your issue, please contact us another way.


You can find us in the #tor channel on OFTC to give us feedback or report bugs/issues. We may not respond right away, but we do check the backlog and will get back to you when we can.

了解如何连接到 OFTC 服务器.


For reporting issues or feedback using email lists, we recommend that you do so on the one that is related to what you would like to report. A complete directory of our mailing lists can be found here.

想要反馈或有关 Tor 浏览器、Tor 网络和 Tor 开发的其他项目的问题:tor-talk


想要获得反馈或有关运行 Tor 中继服务器的问题: tor-relays

反馈有关 Tor 浏览器使用手册或支持网站的问题:tor-community-team


如果您在我们的项目或基础设施里发现了问题,请发邮件至。 如果您在 Tor或 Tor 浏览器里找到了安全漏洞,请报告给我们的漏洞悬赏项目. 如果你想要加密邮件,可以联系,或从 列表中获取 GPG 公钥。指纹如下:

  gpg --fingerprint
  pub 4096R/1A7BF184 2017-03-13
  Key fingerprint = 8B90 4624 C5A2 8654 E453 9BC2 E135 A8B4 1A7B F184
  sub 4096R/C00942E4 2017-03-13