When browsing an Onion Service, Tor Browser displays different onion icons in the address bar indicating the security of the current webpage.

绿色洋葱标识 一个绿色的洋葱意味着:

  • 洋葱服务通过 HTTP 或带有自签名证书的 HTTPS 提供。

绿色带锁洋葱标识 一个绿色的带锁洋葱意味着:

  • 洋葱服务通过具有 CA 颁发的证书的 HTTPS 提供。

灰色洋葱带红色斜杠标识 带有红色斜线的灰洋葱表示:

  • The Onion Service is served over HTTPS with a self-signed or CA-Issued certificate.
  • The webpage contains subresources served over HTTP.