Tor Browser / Peramban Tor

Tor Browser uses the Tor network to protect your privacy and anonymity. Your internet activity, including the names and addresses of the websites you visit, will be hidden from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and anyone watching your connection locally. The operators of the websites and services that you use, and anyone watching them, will see a connection coming from the Tor network instead of your real (IP) address, and will not know who you are unless you explicitly identify yourself. Sebagai tambahan, Tor Browser telah didesain untuk mencegah situs melakukan "fingerprinting" atau mengidentifikasi Anda berdasarkan pengaturan peramban Anda. By default, Tor Browser does not keep any browsing history. Cookies hanya valid untuk sesi tunggal (hingga Tor Browser ditutup atau sebuah Identitas Baru diminta).

Spelling notes:

Tor Browser. Sometimes also mentioned as tbb. Not 'TOR Browser'.

Translation notes:

Do not translate "Tor", however you can translate "Browser". Example in Spanish: Navegador Tor (altering the order because is more natural like that in Spanish.) Some languages such as Arabic transliterate the word Tor, تور. That is, they write Tor with other characters.