Google uses "geolocation" to determine where in the world you are, so it can give you a personalized experience. This includes using the language it thinks you prefer, and it also includes giving you different results on your queries.

如果您真的想看英文版的 Google,你可以点击提供此内容的链接。不过我们认为这是 Tor 的一项特性,而不是漏洞——互联网并非处处相同,实际上,根据您所在的位置,它看上去确实有所不同。 此功能使人们想起了这一事实。

Note that Google search URLs take name/value pairs as arguments and one of those names is "hl". If you set "hl" to "en" then Google will return search results in English regardless of what Google server you have been sent to. On a query this looks like:

Another method is to simply use your country code for accessing Google. This can be,, and so on.